Monday, September 26, 2011

Wake up to the sound of music

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Music, humans and whales.
"I think that if humans'd sing as much as us, whales, it could solve many issues. I'm not saying the world would turn around overnight... but a new conciousness might emerge."
/"Creo que si los humanos cantasen tanto como nosotras, las ballenas, podría reselver muchos problemas. No digo que el mundo cambiaría totalmente en una noche... pero emergería una nueva consciencia".

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"Actually, i do feel a lot more relaxed when i'm listening to music."
/ "La verdad es que me siento mucho más relajado cuando escucho música."

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"Just try to sing more. Not only it will sound wonderful, it just might save the world"
/ "Simplemente intenten cantar más. No sólo va a sonar genial, sino que puede que salve el mundo."

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I know sometimes we're a bit lazy, but this video is worth it and only lasts a few minutes, enjoy!
/ Ya sé que a veces nos da pereza, pero este video vale la pena y sólo dura unos minutos, ¡disfruten!

Song Of the Spindle from Drew Christie on Vimeo.

Peace and Love,
Penny Lane ♥


tell yourself to be myself said...

nice nostalgic post made my midnight <3

Isabel Carreño said...

this was super nice :) muy bonita entrada penny lane!

Devyn said...

haha vote for ringo

Anonymous said...

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