Friday, May 18, 2012

Band of outsiders (I)

Spring 2012
Michelle Williams

Life in the World is but a big dream;
I will not spoil it by any labour or care.

So saying, I was drunk all the day,
Lying helpless at the porch in front of my door.
When I woke up, I blinked at the garden-lawn;
A lonely bird was singing amid the flowers.  
I asked myself, had the day been wet or fine?
The Spring wind was telling the mango-bird.
Moved by its song I soon began to sigh,
And as wine was there I filled my own cup.
Wildly singing I waited for the moon to rise. 

Poem by Li Po, 750.

Peace and Love,

Penny Lane ♥

Monday, May 7, 2012

90's artist

Matt Wisniewski is an artist who creates beautiful "visual experiments", who makes "things work at the internet", and shows us his work and the way he looks at the world through it.
Perfect mix of art work, nature and lovely photographs... and he's only 22 :)
Matt Wisniewski es un artista que crea "experimentos visuales" preciosos, que hace "que las cosas funcionen en internet", y a través de él nos muestra su trabajo y la manera que tiene de ver el mundo.
Es la mezcla perfecta de obra de arte, naturaleza y hermosas fotografías... y sólo tiene 22 años :)


You can check his website, tumblr and an interview for Design Tonic
Echen un vistazo a su website, tumblr y una entrevista para  Design Tonic

Peace and Love,

Penny Lane ♥ 
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