Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Be Wild... / sé salvaje...

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...All you need is attitude /...todo lo que necesitas es actitud

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Looking at these photos comes to my mind a travell i'd love to do to Africa...
I hope my summer will be wild anyway =) / mirando estas fotos me viene a la mente un viaje que me encantaría hacer a África... Espero que mi verano sea slavaje igualmente =)

Peace and Love,

Penny Lane ♥


Loraine said...

I love the first 2 photographs, i barely like Stam, but she looks seriously lovely there!

'Penny Lane' makes me happeyyy ^-^

my wonderland said...

Hey thank you for your comment!
About the header I made it myself in polyvore.com thats an awsome link where you can create collages and where you can find lovely images that include the websites were they come from (and maybe you csn find a lovely one to your header)
I can also e-mail you some prtty ones in my computer that you might like I have thousands from Miss Dior Cherie,Cupcakes/Cakes/Macaroons/Laduree,Marie Antoinette, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn etc etc etc
PS i love the photo you already have in your header where is it from?

Forgetmenot said...

hello! Nice blog ;) ... I love every single picture you post. I didn´t even know they were so many pretty photograps in the world! My personal favorite (of the newest) post is the one about kirsten dunst.

*** said...

Lovely and very inspirng!
Following you from now on.

Mrs Trendy Rock said...

Que bonitas las fotos! yo también quiero ir a África, ais tiene que ser impresinante, pero ya que nos tenemos que quedar con las ganas... como tú bien dices a pasar un verano salvaje! ;) muac

MITICA said...

Los sueños se cumplen!!

JULIA said...

be so veeeeeeery wild. i dig i dig i dig i dig i dig these pictures :)

loft in soho said...

Impresionantes todas!
Especialmente la segunda y la última <3


WildFlower said...

Yumo! The photos you post are brilliant and so original too. I will add you to my blog roll if thats cool and will keep checkin in coz I love your blog.

coco said...

The second picture is so pretty.

Clarity said...

The last picture with the coat is sweet, I want a coat like that and longer hair :)

Africa is lovely, been there lots, try and not go to the usual places like South Africa, but explore the real Africa, deep and beautiful.

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